I live in Llansadwrn, a small village in rural Carmarthenshire between Llandeilo and Llandovery. I bake slow-fermented sourdough bread on Friday and sell it on Saturday, hence ‘barasadwrn’. Read where to buy my bread.

I bake with stoneground UK flour from Felin Ganol watermill in Ceredigion and Halen Môn sea salt.

I’ve been baking sourdough since 2012 and since that time have spent a week baking with Emma Parkin in Exeter and a week learning from Andrew Whitley. I’ve also volunteered 12 shifts at E5 Bakehouse. When I was living in Cardiff I supplied Charcutier Ltd with the bread for his superb bacon rolls at Roath and Riverside Markets.

I’m a member of the Welsh Grain Forum and the Real Bread Campaign.

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  1. Hi Graham, we’re just up the road from you. I’ve managed to buy one loaf so far and it was lovely. Is there any chance we could preorder a couple of loaves each week?

    We have a Facebook page called Llansadwrn food co-op, it’s not a roaring success but it’s a start at trying to get a local food community together.

    All the best – fans of food


    1. barasadwrn says:

      Thanks Lyndsey, glad you enjoyed it. I’ve sent you an email!


  2. Penny Bulmer says:

    Bought two loaves this morning, Marlais&Dulais…. Stunning will definitely be back on a regular basis for more.


    1. barasadwrn says:

      Hi Penny. Glad you enjoyed them! I usually put the box out at around 8am.


  3. Zia Hall says:

    Hi, I filled out your survey. Could I buy a couple of loaves a week? My mother-in-law lives opposite the church in Llansadwrn (Gwalia). She could maybe pick them up for me.


    1. barasadwrn says:

      Thanks Zia, that’s great.

      There are a few ways you can buy them – from the honesty box outside my house, from Ginhaus Deli in Llandeilo or through the Black Mountain Food Hub for collection from the Reading Room on Saturday morning.

      The honesty box is the cheapest way but what’s available depends on what other people have bought that day!

      More information at https://barasadwrn.wordpress.com/buy-bread/



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