Tŷ bach > Poptŷ bach: Day One

Just the 18 months after committing to convert the tŷ bach into a poptŷ bach, I’ve finally made a start! That’s not quite fair because in that time I have done a bit of clearing and  secured planning permission.

Here’s what I’m aiming for:

Ty bach plans

However, today saw me turning the first sod, so to speak. After removing the door I got rid of the concrete base that covered two thirds of the floor because it was only about 5cm thick. My research suggests that wouldn’t be enough to support the heavy oven brickwork that’s to come.

180808 Popty bach - Day 1 - Very before
180808 Popty bach - Day 1 - Before
Still before…(but sans door and swept floor)
180808 Popty bach - Day 1 - After

There were red bricks on the rest of the floor, under what would have been the bench for spending a penny or a pound. I’m hoping to somehow reuse the bricks later in the project.


I also saw again the remains of many layers of limewash, some quite intense orange-reds on the north-facing wall.

180808 Popty bach - Day 1 - Orange limewash outside

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Rhys Davies says:

    This looks like an exciting project. Good luck!


    1. barasadwrn says:

      Diolch Rhys – I think I’ll need it!


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