Honest bread, honesty box

A couple of years after my course with Andrew Whitley and my internship at E5, I’m getting around to selling my sourdough on a regular basis. I’ve still got the office job but have wangled Fridays off to bake so I can sell from an honesty box outside the house on Saturdays. Find out where I am on the Buy bread page.

Last summer we moved from Cardiff to Llansadwrn, a village in rural Carmarthenshire home to maybe 80 people, so I’m starting small (just 4 loaves in fact) and I’ll see how it goes. If enough people like it, I could maybe push it up to 12 or 16 loaves but not much more from the kitchen oven. The new gaff has a handy outbuilding that I’m lining up for a bakehouse when time and money allow.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Owen Burt says:

    Bara hyfryd, and only just up the road so I’ll be back for more.


  2. barasadwrn says:

    Diolch Owen – glad you liked it!


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